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Predicting Onset of Cognitive Dysfunction and Efficacy of Medications in the Elderly

Over 30% of individuals aged 65 and older exhibit some form of cognitive dysfunction, posing a significant societal challenge. Our research focuses on predicting the likelihood of cognitive decline in elderly individuals based on brain MRI. Combining clinical information extracted from electronic medical records, we aim to identify risk factors contributing to cognitive decline and develop predictive models for preventive intervention in high-risk groups. For individuals who suffer from cognitive disorders, we are creating models to predict the efficacy of various medications for dementia, contributing to precision medicine by providing evidence for clinical decision-making.

Predicting Brain Development in Newborns and Children

Premature birth, low birth weight, and perinatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy can impact future neurodevelopment, yet predicting neurological outcomes during infancy is challenging. Our research uses infant brain MRIs to predict future brain development and identify high-risk children for early therapeutic intervention.

Ultra-High-Resolution MRI for Virtual Biopsy

Diagnosing neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases requires post-mortem neuropathological examination. We are developing techniques using ultra-high-resolution MRI to examine patients’ brains in detail, akin to microscope observation, enabling accurate early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases.

Clinical Trials

As a Brain MRI Analysis Center, we participate in multi-center clinical trials. We offer services to archive, manage, and quantify brain MRI data received from data acquisition sites.


Kenichi Oishi, MD, PhD: Professor
Yuto Uchida, MD, PhD: Post-Doc Fellow
Jill Chotiyanonta, MS: Data Analyst
Xin Li, MS: Data Manager
Vidith Phillips, MD
Kengo Onda, MD candidate
Kei Nishimaki, MS candidate
Xingyu Chen, MS candidate
Shuhei Tomoshige, MS candidate
Yifan Shuai, MS candidate
Steven Kan, PhD candidate
Zhipeng Hou, Research Manager

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